Write for Us

Epode International Network is a network of people who have something to say about obesity. We have partners and friends across the world. We have many different writers who have expertise in different fields. We have writers who specialize in writing about sport, exercise, and other physical activity. We have writers whose specialty is food and how to eat healthier.

We are always looking for more writers who have different insights and expertise to offer. We welcome anyone in the health and fitness industry to write for us. We also encourage anyone who is experiencing problems with obesity to tell their story. If you were overweight and obese and have started on or completed the journey to being healthier, we definitely want to hear from you. It is very inspiring to hear how people overcame the odds and improved themselves.

If you are interested in becoming a writer for us, please send us your details. Tell us your story and why you would like to write for us. Give us an indication of how often you will be able to write and how many hours a week you will be available. If you only want to share your story one time and not write again, that is also fine.

Our network is diverse and a great team. At the moment, we are specifically looking for someone who can write a post of inspirational quotes or stories at least once a week. If you are available to do that, please contact us asap.