10 Ways to Help You Beat Obesity or Being Overweight and Take Back Your Life, Your Health, and Your Happiness

Obesity is very dangerous. It causes many health problems and can even lead to death. There are ways to prevent getting to the point of being obese or to help you reduce the risks. Below are 10 ways to get you on the right track again.

Lose weight. Drop a few pounds by going on a safe diet that is low calorie.

Cut the sugar. Either cut sugar from your diet completely or go for natural sweeteners like honey.

Trick your appetite. You can trick your brain and your appetite by eating from smaller plates or blue plates.

Get some skinny friends. It seems that counting calories or eating healthy will rub off. Make friends that are skinny and health conscious and you will become so too.

Manage temperatures. Your body works harder when the temperatures outside the body are extreme. Keep your home colder in winter and warmer in summer. This will make your body work harder and burn more calories.

Fight cravings. Cravings are often the result of a lack of serotonin. The body then crave carbohydrates to make it feel happy. This often leads to overeating.

Cut the carbs. Studies have shown that people who eat protein like eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel or toast, tend to lose weight faster.

Steer clear of antibiotics. Antibiotics can contribute to obesity because of the effects it has on the digestive system.

Check your thyroid. A faulty thyroid can cause weight gain for no apparent reason. A thyroid that doesn’t work well can slow metabolism and also greatly influences hormone production and management in the body.

If you stick to these tips, you should be able to lose weight and feel great. Being healthy gives you more energy and zest for life. Studies have shown that exercise alone cannot help you lose weight. The more important thing to focus on is food intake. Smaller portions of healthier food and less sugar will have much more success than just exercise.

10 Warning Signs to Tell if You are Obese or Overweight and Headed Toward a Dangerous Health Condition

Obesity and being overweight is a very real problem in the world today. Many women, children, and men are obese or overweight. Obesity and overweight have been associated with many other health issues and can even lead to death. It is of vital importance that you try to remain healthy. You should be aware if you or anyone you know may be obese or severely overweight. Here are a few danger signs to look out for:

1. Shortness of breath – Difficulty to move naturally and shortness of breath due to excess fat. The extra fat inhibits movement and hinders air flow.

2. Depression – Some people who are overweight withdraw from society because they feel embarrassed or even victimized. This withdrawal can be a sign of depression.

3. Aching knees – Extra weight puts extra pressure and strain on the knees. The joints and muscles have to work harder which can make them start hurting.

4. Heartburn – Excess fat puts pressure on the digestive system. This can cause heartburn and acid reflux. Heartburn is an uncomfortable burning feeling in the chest area.

5. High blood pressure – This is one of the most important factors to look for. A change in blood pressure, especially high blood pressure has been strongly linked with obesity.

6. Snoring – Obesity can cause an increase in snoring and sleep apnoea.

7. Skin problems – Obesity causes changes in hormone levels. These changes can cause skin problems like darkening. Gaining and losing weight also leaves stretch marks on the skin.

8. Varicose veins – These are a cluster of blue or purple veins. They are sometimes surrounded by spider veins. Some can be painful.

9. Irregular periods – Due to the change of hormone levels and release, period duration, and frequency can be influenced. It can cause cessation or irregularity.

Obesity can be a very serious health problem if not recognized and treated. Stay alert and keep healthy.

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